Sunday, January 12, 2014

Breakfast for Dinner - and any other time, really

Some people get a bit miffed if you suggest eating a fried egg after 10:00 AM, but that's definitely not the case in this home. Squatch (otherwise known as the bearded boyfriend) and I love eating our breakfast foods in the evening, morning, and afternoon. He's obsessed with the perfectly cooked fried egg and I'm always after the crispiest patty of potatoes. 

Unfortunately, I'm usually the one out of luck. 

Hash browns are so hard! 

Or, at least, they WERE until Emma over at A Beautiful Mess bequeathed the most successful method I've ever used.

Crispy on both sides - and it didn't collapse! It was probably the best thing I'd eaten all day. The secret is that you really do have to wait a while for the potatoes to brown. So don't touch! 

If you're interested in perfecting your hash brown skills, visit this post at A Beautiful Mess.  These ladies are definitely an inspiration.