Monday, July 18, 2011

Hippie Needs a Job

They say that it's a bad idea to continue your education because jobs are scarce.  I'm inclined to agree with that, as schooling has become exceptionally expensive these days.  If your career path is still quite foggy, forging on to earn that Master's degree might not be a great idea.  Especially if it's in, say, English.  Would you like to teach?  No?  THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  I've been told by multiple people that most extended degrees are quite useless if all you're looking for is a job.  If intelligence and accreditation in the field is your goal, then have at it.

I mention all of this because I've recently found myself considering graduate school.  The job market here, like everywhere, is severely limited.  Given that I'm an Arts major, it's almost impossible to find a career that pays well while being remotely interesting.  I've never been a proponent of matching your degree to your job, but as literature is one of my loves, I have to say that I would also like to work around/with it.  So...I've been looking into Library Science.  Crazy?  Maybe.

I worked in a library over the course of a summer while I was still in school.  One thing that attracted me most to the job, aside from being around books daily, was the satisfaction of finding a great novel for a fellow book-lover.  Finding the perfect story for a child was even more delicious.  Consequently, a library job most often requires a library degree.  So, there you have it.  I've narrowed down a few schools, mainly out of curiosity than actual planning, and my old university happens to be one of the best for this field.

It's possible that I'm more attracted to the idea of returning to college than actually returning to college.  But, we shall see where the future takes me.  Sometimes it's best just to 'hold on and enjoy the ride', as they say.  Arms and feet inside the vehicle, naturally.  I'm pretty sure I was taught to not end thoughts with clichés, hence this sentence.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Aimless, much?

I've posted and deleted more entries for this blog than I can count.  Initially I intended on using this medium as a forum for my thoughts, a creative outlet of sorts, but it came to my attention that such a topic wasn't condensed enough.  As an English major, I know far too much about the importance of conciseness and organization.  And the inability to separate my identity from my college degree.  But I digress -

Fashion sounded like a good idea at that time.  Fat fashion.  Even better!  I'm not always the most fashionable, but I am fat, so at least part of that equation was working in my favor.  What I failed to realize was that my everyday outfits were horribly boring.  Who would want to view such garbage?  I sought out beautifully accessorized fellow "fatshion" bloggers as inspiration to reinvent my wardrobe, but every attempt at some sort of 'jeans + t-shirt' intervention was blitzkrieged.  (By that I mean 'rapidly attacked and sabotaged' - don't go looking for it on Urban Dictionary.)  Perhaps it was not meant to be?

Now that I've failed my first few attempts at organized blogging, I'm going to try being more aimless.  If I feel like posting something I've worn, I will.  If I suddenly have a brilliant thought, I'll share.  Basically (using the most general sort of labeling) this blog will be about my life as a currently unemployed, restless 20-something, and my pursuit toward making something useful of myself before I'm old and/or dead.  And trying to be fashionable while at it. 

Expect cheek.  I'm drowning in it.