Friday, July 8, 2011

Aimless, much?

I've posted and deleted more entries for this blog than I can count.  Initially I intended on using this medium as a forum for my thoughts, a creative outlet of sorts, but it came to my attention that such a topic wasn't condensed enough.  As an English major, I know far too much about the importance of conciseness and organization.  And the inability to separate my identity from my college degree.  But I digress -

Fashion sounded like a good idea at that time.  Fat fashion.  Even better!  I'm not always the most fashionable, but I am fat, so at least part of that equation was working in my favor.  What I failed to realize was that my everyday outfits were horribly boring.  Who would want to view such garbage?  I sought out beautifully accessorized fellow "fatshion" bloggers as inspiration to reinvent my wardrobe, but every attempt at some sort of 'jeans + t-shirt' intervention was blitzkrieged.  (By that I mean 'rapidly attacked and sabotaged' - don't go looking for it on Urban Dictionary.)  Perhaps it was not meant to be?

Now that I've failed my first few attempts at organized blogging, I'm going to try being more aimless.  If I feel like posting something I've worn, I will.  If I suddenly have a brilliant thought, I'll share.  Basically (using the most general sort of labeling) this blog will be about my life as a currently unemployed, restless 20-something, and my pursuit toward making something useful of myself before I'm old and/or dead.  And trying to be fashionable while at it. 

Expect cheek.  I'm drowning in it.

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