Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mint Tea Writing Genius (Commas Where?)

I'm sitting here drinking tea (because tea, like coffee, makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something) and pondering the next chapter that I've been meaning to write.  People have asked writers how long it generally takes them to produce a chapter, or an article, and so forth.  I can't say that I have a straight answer.  It really all depends on my schedule (how much time I've set aside for writing) and my mood.  Famous, money-making writers will say that you should write every day, even if you don't feel like it.  That's probably good advice.  But, given the amount of things that I don't want to do YET still have to do, I feel that shirking my authorial duties occasionally is quite fine.  I can't write all the time.

Mint tea is really the most delicious.

I currently have five different stories floating around in my head, so you have to imagine how chatty it gets up there.  Every character has a different voice, and keeping them separate isn't so much of a problem, but keeping the tone of the story they're in is.  Consistency is key and sometimes it takes me a while to relocate after spending so much time working on a different story.   

Hopefully Chapter 9 will only take me two days instead of two weeks. 

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