Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fatkini Debate

Anyone in the blogosphere is sure to know Gabi from GABIFRESH, the proud and confident "fat" blogger who's obviously started a bit of a stink over the "fatkini".  She was interviewed recently about said swimwear and I just finished viewing an article from the Daily Mail (found here ) about it.

I have to say that I'm completely disgusted by the body prejudice our society is so obsessed with. 

But it's not healthy!  It's a horrible example for our children!

How can health be defined by a picture?  We don't know how healthy or unhealthy a person is.  We can certainly guess, but why do we care?  Do we honestly have sincere feelings of concern for these individuals?  Of course not.  That's the biggest lie body-prejudiced people spread. 

Who's feeding our children?  Parents, hopefully.  So who should be responsible?  It's utter bullshit for "parents" to target fat adults expressing love for their bodies as poor role models.

What kind of guy wants that?

Ultimately, what you're saying is a woman's opinion of her body should be reduced to how often a man might "want" it.  Ladies, you didn't burn your bras for that. 

But I don't want to see that at the beach!  Why should I have to look at your ugly body and ruin my day?  Change yourself, because I don't like it.

If people were honest, that's what they'd actually say.  We're horribly selfish.  A whiny bunch of assholes.  We should at least admit it.

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