Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tom Hiddleston, a.k.a. Loki

To those of you still waiting to see The Avengers, DO IT NOW.  Captain America was the last 'hero' film I watched prior to A's release, and I wasn't very impressed.  Actually, I forgot that I had it playing for an hour or so.  I will say that it was decent background noise.

Also, I believe I've developed a new crush.  At this point I can't decide if it's his adorable face (look at that smile!) or how completely BATSHITCRAZY he is over playing Loki.  Such enthusiasm is rather endearing.  Live it up, Tom.  We love you.

Again, that face! 

I should also mention that he can be found reciting Shakespeare.  Look out Alan Rickman!

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  1. Tom is so insane. I've started adding to my list of 'Acceptable Traits in Men', (which was pretty much nonexistent before I met this guy) because before Tom, I really had no idea what I wanted to see! I guess when you find true's just one of those special things that you just know! Actually, when I watched him in the Avengers and then in Thor (I was a backwards chick, I know...) I went reading up on him, and ended up spending four hours plus studying the contours of his lips in every YouTube interview I could find. I noticed he talked extensively about the passion he had for Loki, how his character changed from jealous to malevolent in between films. I remember making the reference to Alan and his awe-inspiring portrayals of the classic 'troubled bad-guys', or as he called them, 'interesting people'. And have you HEARD HIS VOICE? (Tom's, I mean. It's so deep, and alluring, and...British! Like Alan's!)