Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back to Basics (Not in the Christina Aguilera way)

As I've said before, this blog originally started out fashion-oriented, but I quickly realized that my love of clothing didn't translate well into text.  Not because I wasn't a proficient writer, but because I rarely wore anything worth writing about.  So, I've returned to my first love, which conveniently doesn't require me to be dressed at all.

When you're laid off, you suddenly find yourself with all of the time in the world and nothing worth filling it up with.  I was one of the fortunate people to turn economic hardship into a favorable opportunity of returning to writing.  I didn't have any place to be, so staying up 'til the early hours wasn't an issue.  I could sit in relative darkness, behind the glowing light of my laptop, and remember what it felt like to construct a beautiful sentence.  I'd lost a portion of my vocabulary from lack of use, but I'm thankful to the blank Word document for bringing it back me.

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