Sunday, February 5, 2012

Destroying "Literature" while Crafting

I discovered this project while browsing Lindsay Ballard's DIY site.  (You can find her version here.)  It came out beautifully, and I really wanted to try it myself.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a foam wreath available and I didn't feel like running to the local Dollar Tree, so I had to find something else to use instead.

Enter 1 broken clock:

A new paint job:

And the pages of a book I never read:

It took over an hour to do the entire project, which isn't too bad considering the painting and gluing I had to do.  I also sustained a few injures due to a cranky glue gun.  I'm hoping the piece of skin I lost on my arm will grow back...

There's something too uniform about the design of my paper loops, I think.  So I might add more pages.  And maybe something to cover the rim inside, where you can see the rough ends of the pages that have been glued.  I've also thought about intermingling a different colored tissue paper, like black or bronze.  We shall see.

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