Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I drove around town with my sister, eating ice cream and taking pictures.

TATTOOSI'm assuming you could get one there.

Sister:  Oh, look at that headstone!  It looks like a jumpy castle!
Me:  Which one?
Sister:  There!
Me:  ...still don't see it. 

Prettier in color.

Sister:  When I was younger, I asked Aunt B what you had to do to get one so big.
Me:  What did she say?
Sister:  That your rich family buys one for you.  
Me:  That one looks pretty expensive.  

 This was ridiculously expensive (thanks, Express) but so adorable.  I should wear it more often.

One of my odd purchases.  It's a skirt, and I'm not too fond of the coloring, but the print is fabulous.

I've been a bit obsessed with thrift stores lately.  Since I've been crafting like crazy, it's convenient to purchase cheap clothing and redo whatever I wish.  We'll see what happens to the garments above.

I hope you're enjoying your own lazy day!

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