Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make Your Own Saddle Shoes

I've always wanted a pair of saddle shoes since I grew out of the ones I had in elementary school.  Unfortunately, I'm momentarily too cheap to spend over $20 on shoes.  What's a girl to do?  DIY, of course.

Materials Needed:
1. Sharpie Marker
2. Black Paint
3. White Canvas Shoes

The pair below cost only $5 at Walmart, and I liked how they were stitched together.  I'd recommend filling in hard-to-reach spots with your marker before you begin painting.  (Taking out the laces makes it easier.)

The marker will bleed, so be careful.  Your paint will also absorb rather quickly, so you might need a lot of it.

I used an angled brush because it gave me more precision, but it really doesn't matter what kind you choose.

You might notice a difference in color between the marker and the paint, depending on the brands.  As with all Sharpies, I could detect a blue-ish tint compared to the matte finish of the paint I used.  I might need to add a second coat to cover the Sharpie.  

And you're done!  If you're worried about staining the white canvas, you can use a fabric guard.  I'm a bit concerned about how long mine will stay clean.  At least they're pretty for the moment!


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  3. the result came out great!
    amazing post! :)