Thursday, February 16, 2012

Secret Writer Business, and such

For some reason, I seem to believe that I will enhance my skills through purchasing magazines.  The promising articles on the glossy covers persuade me into taking them home, but I'm usually disappointed with the content.  I could probably find most of this information online, couldn't I? 

Although, one noteworthy point in The Writer - the kind that you rip out of the magazine to stick on your inspiration cork board - came from author Nathan Englander:

"I think the 'most useful thing I've learned' lesson is constantly changing.  For years I would tell people to just turn off their phones.  And then it was to get off email.  There are lots of practical tips like that.  But really, honestly - and I've been thinking about this a lot lately - the best bit of wisdom that I could share is to ignore the static, to let the tapes play.  There's no end to the fears and terrors and anxieties that slip into a writer's head at any given moment.  And I think a lot of folk work hard at shutting those thoughts out, or trying not to think them.  What I'd say is to let them be, let them run in the background, and do your best to focus on the work.  There is only the writing .  That is the only concern."

Perhaps easier said than done?  What are the consequences of keeping such 'static' around?  Do they, say, pollute or benefit your writing?  Maybe both, depending?  Or is he just trying to endorse the opposite standard in order to have something worthwhile to say in a magazine?

Anyway, don't get me started on fashion magazines.

Visit Nathan Englander hereThat man has some crazy adorable hair.

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