Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wreath-O-Rama: Valentine's Day Wreath

I never pay much attention when entering my house, so I forgot that my Christmas wreath was still perched on my front door.  Well, that wouldn't do at all.

With Valentine's Day making a delightful appearance rather soon, I figured it would be best to craft another themed wreath to take the original's place.

What you'll need:
One wreath form (or an actual branch wreath, in this case)
Moss in colors of your choice
Valentine decorations
A cluster of artificial berries
Glue sticks and a glue gun

I would assume that all of the above could be found at your local Dollar Tree, because that's where I made my purchases.  Some items might already be sitting in your home, like hairspray and glue sticks/gun.

If you chose to use a foam wreath, it might be easier to glue the messy chunks of moss to it, as the surface is smooth.  Although, you will have to use more moss for more coverage.  With the branch wreath, I covered most of it with moss but left portions of the branches peaking out.  I wanted it too look like the moss had settled and grown there, instead of being glued by hand.  I used over half of the brown and almost half of the green, so two bags should be sufficient even if you chose a different wreath form.  

I should note that when I was choosing moss, I was really attracted to the brown, but I grabbed a bag of green too (just in case).  I'm glad I did.  As I was gluing, the brown alone began to look a bit questionable.  Tell me what you think that looks like.

The addition of green moss gave it more dimension and interest, I think.  I didn't set up much of a pattern as I was gluing, so the placement was random and spur-of-the-moment.  Organic, you could say.  All that artsy stuff.  (By the way, moss is VERY messy!)

Feel free to gently shake the wreath after you've glued most of the moss on, to dislodge any unglued pieces. A few sprays of hairspray should protect the pieces that you have glued.   

You can also add the green berries now, in whatever arrangement you choose.  I like to cover four corners first, looking at the wreath as if it had corners:  two on the top left and right, two on the bottom left and right.  Depending on how many clusters you purchased, you can fill in any holes with the rest.  Instead of using the entire stem, I just cut off the cluster portion. 

I debated on using the hearts without the stakes, but the finished product looked simplistic and lovely this way.  Just glue the bottom portion of the stake and push it into the lower center of the wreath.  If you chose the foam version, it should be easy to insert.  Use the openings between the branches if you chose the other wreath like I did.  

Voil√†!  It is finished!

What do you think?  Pretty, no?  I think I might leave it up all year!

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